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Results 2009-2010

P'RA TI (1)PRATI – Project for Autonomy, Work and Social Integration (Projecto Autonomia, Trabalho e Inserção)Oporto Women’s Centre

Monitoring Service and Accompaniment of Women Victims of Violence



This report presents the results of the Oporto Women’s Centre – P’RA TI, concerning the period from the 1st February of 2009 to the 30th June 2010, and the achievements due to the grant of the Body Shop Foundation. For this period, UMAR established three main objectives for the Oporto Women’s Centre: i) to create a space that assures a specialized support, follow up and the specialist referrals of women victims of violence in order in order to protect their autonomy; 2) to accomplish this with the cooperation of a multidisciplinary team (professionals from the areas of law, psychology and social work); 3) to establish a net work of partnership with others services and organizations to achieve a more effective long term support to women to assure an autonomous and non-violent personal, familiar and professional life project.

These objectives were achieved and this report will describe what was done in conformity.  Nevertheless, the aim of the Oporto Women’s Centre is to contribute to eradicate gender violence and this will continue to mobilize the energy and efforts of the team of Oporto Women’s Centre P’RA TI.

From the 31st December 2007, the Centre had no funding support, working with volunteer staff and negotiating with Portuguese government funding for a professional and integrated support and accompaniment of women victims of domestic and gender violence.

The protocol for government funding (designed Agreement on Cooperation between Social Security and UMAR) was signed in February 1, 2009.  The staff selection was completed to the 1st April 2009, and from this date to the end of June, the team staff have received training in the CIG(2)CIG – Portuguese  Commission for Citizenship and Gender Equality and UMAR and began the promotion and divulgation of the Centre. The formal reopening of the P’RA TI- Oporto Women’s Centre took place on June 26th, 2009.

In this report, it is presented the main achievements in 2009 and the results of the first semester of 2010.

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