Combat Organized crime's Networks aNd Expand Countries' Ties
Enhancing horizontal cooperation among
Italy, Portugal and Romania in human trafficking
Programme finance by the European Commission
Programme ISEC 2012

Summary of the project

"CONNECT" project's main goal is to combat human trafficking, gathering origin, transit and destination countries, and sharing their best practices, profiting from their experience in different areas. The project aims to exchange strategies, techniques and instrument between Italy, Portugal, and Romania and enhance their cooperation against human trafficking. General purpose of the proposed action is contributing to fight against and prevent trafficking in human beings in Europe.

The phenomenon of trafficking in women has a significant dimension in the selected countries. The interconnections among the target countries are consistent. Thanks to the exchange of good practices the project will contribute to address several gaps identified in the national referral systems. The project will establish a networking mechanism to facilitate the exchange of procedures and methodologies in these fields.

The project will be addressed to national /territorial networks composed by civil society actors and public institutions, actively committed to contrast the human trafficking phenomena, with a special attention to sexual exploitation.

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